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Since 2007, 80elements has worked with companies of all sizes to develop digital strategies based off their concepts and ideas. With every project going through a comprehensive discovery phase, we’re that boutique web firm, we help you refine and determine the solution that works best. Have a look around, then engage our staff to see how we can cultivate your ideas into a project with precise goals.


Our team specializes in many web technologies, mobile technologies and platforms that include PHP, Javascript, iPhone Development, .NET, Flash, Drupal CMS, WordPress CMS just to name a few. We also have extensive knowledge and experience working in the realm of print and ui design that has allowed us to create meaningful user experiences to get the best out of our projects.

What We Do


Wether your business is just starting or established, our team of experts will shed insightful advice and help walk with you every step of the way towards taking your business to the next level.

Web Development

Our team specializes in many web technologies, and platforms that include PHP, Javascript, .NET, Drupal CMS, WordPress CMS, React, MongoDB, Postgres DB, Realm, Meteor, Node, and Express just to name a few and a half.

App Development

Let it be Android or iOS or both! It doesn't matter because we've got your back when you're ready to scale and take client engagement to new heights.


When it comes to Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Drupal Commerce, we are no strangers - Let us help take your business online in a time when global commerce is booming.

UI & UX Design

Making designs pretty and attractive is one thing, ensuring top of the class user experience is another. Our designers excel in ensuring the UI looks great, feels intuitive, and is easy to use.

API & Integrations

Sometimes you may want to tie your services into other services such as Facebook or Google's single click sign-on. Or perhaps you want to expose certain parts of your services to give access to other developers, we can help you with that.



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